Khizer Omer

Advisor DRM and Climate Finance

Khizer has over 25 years of work experience with public sector organizations and multi-lateral/bi-lateral funders including WB, UNDP, JICA, USEPA, CIDA, DFID, RNE, Kfw, and SDC, as well as civil society organizations AKDN, CDKN, IUCN, and private sector institutions NEC, ACE, AEVL in developing national and regional projects and programmes; funding and financing instruments development; and financial/environmental and social results impact monitoring. Khizer’s experience is focused in inter-related specialized fields of social development, climate impact management, alternate/ renewable energy, urban and rural planning, infrastructure planning and design, DRR, environmental management, and carbon finance. Khizer has extensive regional work experience in countries in North America, East Africa, Middle East, and South & South East Asia.

Khizer has a Bachelors in Urban and Regional Planning from UET Lahore, and Masters in Engineering from Carleton University.

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